The World Wide Weed research team (a.k.a. the Global Cannabis Cultivation Research Consortium, or GCCRC) welcomes you to our international project website.

We are a group of researchers interested in better understanding domestic cannabis cultivation, especially by small-scale growers. Our current project involves a core online questionnaire developed for an international audience of cannabis growers. We want to better understand who grows cannabis, reasons for growing, methods of growing, and experience with the criminal justice system – and how these factors differ across national borders.

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Would you like to participate in our study of cannabis growers?

The general community typically has unrealistic views about people who grow cannabis. We want you to help set the record straight by completing an anonymous questionnaire. Find your country and click the survey link to find out more.


New Zealand New Zealand survey has closed
Israel Israel survey has closed
United States US / Canada survey has closed
Canada US / Canada survey has closed
Belgium Belgium survey has closed.
Australia Australian survey has closed.
Finland Finnish survey has closed.
Denmark Danish survey has closed.
United Kingdom UK survey has closed.
Germany German survey has closed
Netherlands Netherlands survey has closed
Rest of world Rest of world survey has closed


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