Security and Anonymity

We understand that cannabis cultivation is prohibited in most countries around the world. We are serious about your security and anonymity as potential participants in our research and have taken a number of steps to minimise tracks left behind by visiting our website and completing our survey.


To minimise tracks left behind by visiting our website, we have taken the following steps:

  • All web files and resources are hosted locally.
  • No plugins or widgets are used that load content from third party servers on behalf of the user’s computer.
  • No cookies are used or set by our website when visited as a user.
  • No use of tracking tools, like Google Analytics.
  • Access and error logs are not kept.
  • Our website is kept automatically updated, including security, and is hosted in the Netherlands.


The survey is hosted by Curtin University using Qualtrics

To minimise the collection of identifying information from survey respondents, we have:

  • Avoided asking any questions which directly elicit identifying information.
  • Used settings in Qualtrics for anonymisation, including Anonymous Link and Anonymize Response. Together, these settings ensure that no IP addresses or geolocation information are collected and no personal information is acquired. 
  • Disabled options in Qualtrics that are commonly used in surveys to stop people taking the survey more than once from the same IP address.
  • Implemented data screening of text fields before data are downloaded, scanning for any identifying information that may have been entered and removing it before downloading the dataset.
  • Recommended that respondents complete the questionnaire in a private setting and avoid the use of workplace, school or university owned devices where tracking may be active.
  • Recommended the use of VPNs or Anonymizing software if the respondent is concerned about tracking by their ISP. 
  • Ensured the survey is GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) compliant.

We regret to inform respondents that the Tor Browser is currently not compatible with the survey platform (Qualtrics), and this may also be the case for other anonymous browsers. We can confirm that the free web-based anonymizer does work with our survey.

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