We are about to do a Reddit AMA!

In the next few hours, our team will be doing a Reddit AMA – Go on, now is your chance to ask us anything!

And today is the day that ALL our countries have gone live. No matter what country you live in, if you’ve ever grown cannabis, you can now complete our 2020 survey. Just choose your country to enter.

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Paris 2019

Most of our team were lucky enough to meet in Paris last month!

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Follow-up survey of cannabis growers in 2019

We are now planning a new survey of cannabis cultivation which will reach growers in a greater number of countries across the world. We now welcome new members of our group spanning new countries, including Uruguay, Italy, and Switzerland.

The cannabis policy landscape has changed a lot since 2012 with cannabis legalisation for recreational use moving forward across multiple states of the US, Canada and Uruguay. Other countries, including Australia, are implementing medical cannabis schemes. We have many questions about how these new policy settings will influence home cannabis growers.

We look forward to presenting the community with this opportunity to tell us about their growing patterns in this new era of cannabis policies!


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New Zealand survey launched in time for J-day

Cannabis growers in New Zealand now have the chance to participate in our international study of cannabis cultivation. Launched just in time for J-Day, this survey contains comparable questions with the international dataset so NZ growers can be compared with growers from 11 other countries. It also contains questions specific to the NZ context, including measures of perceptions of the risks of victimisation and the involvement of gangs in cannabis cultivation and distribution.

If you grow cannabis and live in NZ, check out the survey here.

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Special issue on cannabis cultivation published

Our group has contributed to a special issue of the peer-reviewed journal International Journal of Drug Policy on domestic cannabis cultivation, published in March 2015. 7 of the 13 papers in the issue have arisen from the World Wide Weed group, specifically from our global web survey of cannabis growers. They include:

Global patterns of domestic cannabis cultivation: Sample characteristics and patterns of growing across eleven countries

Lessons from conducting trans-national Internet-mediated participatory research with hidden populations of cannabis cultivators

Growing medicine: Small-scale cannabis cultivation for medical purposes in six different countries

Attitudes of cannabis growers to regulation of cannabis cultivation under a non-prohibition cannabis model

Production, perceptions, and punishment: Restrictive deterrence in the context of cannabis cultivation

Assessing the harms of cannabis cultivation in Belgium

Representativeness of online purposive sampling with Australian cannabis cultivators

Please tweet to us if you have any comments or feedback on our articles!

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New papers published on cannabis cultivation

In 2015, the International Journal of Drug Policy will publish a special issue on cannabis cultivation which contains a number of papers by members of the World Wide Weed research network. Most of these are based upon the global online survey of cannabis cultivators we conducted in 2012-2013.

Two papers from this dataset have been published online thus far:

Hakkarainen, P., Frank, V. A., Barratt, M. J., Dahl, H. V., Decorte, T., Karjalainen, K., Lenton, S., Potter, G., & Werse, B. (2014). Growing medicine: Small-scale cannabis cultivation for medical purposes in six different countries. International Journal of Drug Policy

Lenton, S., Frank, V. A., Barratt, M. J., Dahl, H. V., & Potter, G. R. (2014). Attitudes of cannabis growers to regulation of cannabis cultivation under a non-prohibition cannabis model. International Journal of Drug Policy

Another paper in the same issue was published by one of our members on cannabis social clubs, see:

Decorte, T. Cannabis social clubs in Belgium: Organizational strengths and weaknesses, and threats to the model. International Journal of Drug Policy.

We have turned off the comments on this blog but we welcome your feedback on our papers. Please tweet to us at Wor1dWideWeed 🙂

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Data merging and analysis

With the UK survey closing, we are now merging and cleaning our multi-country dataset. We will soon be analysing our data and getting ready to present our analysis at conferences and in academic journals. We will keep you posted on our progress!

Once again, thank you for your support. More than 7000 cannabis growers from across the world have contributed, making this the largest survey ever of growers that we are aware of 🙂

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The Netherlands survey launched!

Are you a cannabis grower living in The Netherlands? We are proud to announce the launch of our Netherlands survey, run by the Bonger Institute of Criminology, University of Amsterdam.

Please support us as we attempt to reach the largest global group of cannabis growers ever (we have 1000s already across many different countries). This information can help us evaluate cultivation practices under different cannabis policy settings and in different cultural contexts. We look forward to sharing our results with you later on!


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Comments section currently unavailable

The comments section of this website is currently unavailable. We hope to reinstate comments again soon.


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German-language survey launched

We are excited to announce the launch of our German-language survey, lead by Dr. Bernd Werse, Centre for Drug Research, Goethe University Frankfurt.

Are you a German-speaking resident of Germany, Austria or Switzerland? Have you ever grown cannabis? This is your chance to help us to create an objective and detailed picture of cannabis growers and apply therefore to a better, scientifically based understanding of involvement with cannabis.

Bauen Sie Cannabis an?

Wenn ja, helfen Sie uns bitte, ein objektives und detailliertes Bild von Cannabis-Growern zu erstellen und tragen Sie somit zu einem besseren, wissenschaftlich fundierten Verständnis des Umgangs mit Cannabis bei.

Survey link: http://www.is.gd/hanfanbau

Please share among your German-speaking networks 🙂

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