The World Wide Weed research team (a.k.a. the Global Cannabis Cultivation Research Consortium, or GCCRC) welcomes you to our international project website.

We are a group of researchers interested in better understanding domestic cannabis cultivation, especially by small-scale growers.  We want to better understand who grows cannabis, reasons for growing, methods of growing, and experience with the criminal justice system – and how these factors differ across national borders.

In 2012-2013 we conducted the first global survey of cannabis cultivators. Thank you to the thousands of growers who participated. Outputs from that survey can be found in a special issue of the International Journal of Drug Policy and more are listed in our publications list.

We are now planning a follow-up global survey of cannabis cultivators due to launch in 2019.

More information about who we are

A list of our relevant publications including books and journal articles

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