ICCQ V1.1The International Cannabis Cultivation Questionnaire (ICCQ) is currently being used by a group of researchers interested in better understanding patterns of cannabis cultivation. This group of researchers created a network – the Global Cannabis Cultivation Research Consortium (GCCRC) – and developed the ICCQ as a core online questionnaire for an international audience of cannabis growers. This group of researchers is currently running online surveys on patterns of cannabis cultivation in their individual countries. Each country survey is funded locally or nationally. In most of these countries the ICCQ was used as a core model questionnaire and country-specific items were added.

Researchers who would like to join this international comparative study are welcome to contact one of the participating teams, and may use the ICCQ as a basis for their own study, on the condition that they cite the ICCQ as indicated below and mention the GCCRC network. Participating countries can add extra items according to their preferences and the focus of their own studies.

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Suggested citation:

DECORTE, T., BARRATT, M.J., NGUYEN, H., BOUCHARD, M., MALM, A. & LENTON, S. (2012). International Cannabis Cultivation Questionnaire (ICCQ) (Version 1.1). Global Cannabis Cultivation Research Consortium. Accessed at worldwideweed.nl (access date: ?).


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